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Friday, October 12, 2012


We tried out some spikes this weekend.  When we left the house he asked if I had brought the gel with us - just in case his spikes went down.

The girls spent the weekend with my parents (yay for meme and pops!) and we met them halfway for the drop off - at the Varsity in downtown ATL.  I had a chili cheese burger, fries and an orange frosted.  It was every bit as delicious as I remembered it being.

We spent the afternoon at home, then fed Quinn dinner and went out to run some errands.  Since Chris and I hadn't eaten yet, we decided to go by the Grit in Athens.  And since Q already had dinner, he got a fabulous slice of cake.

 I had this plate of deliciousness - broccoli with lemon dijon butter, collard greens, mac and cheese.  I would take this over cake any day of the week.  ;)

One of my favorites - a necklace by my sweet friend, Crystal B

Quinn had a hard time deciding on a costume.  It was between this, the hot dog and the banana.  He decided Superman was the easiest to walk in.

This was a much deserved Sunday afternoon snack.

Chris made an amazing chicken pot pie for dinner (pioneer woman style!).

Happy Mail!  I have been desperate for a #5 sign and searched for one all summer long (remember all the antiquing that we did??  this was on my list.every.single.time. and couldn't find one) But I got this one from Sparrow Mercantile on etsy (and a fair price too!)

I really love it when kids complete these sorts of things.  This one is Chan's...I love the favorite foods, sports and things to do at home...too funny, that kid!

Casey on her way to dance class - yoga pants and boots...big sigh.

Notes like these from students kind of make my week!

 More happy mail!  I was completely on a roll this week!  Some early Christmas shopping done and a note from sweet church friends letting us know that they were lifting our family up in prayer this week.

Score!  Chris came home with these two this week.  I almost cried last weekend when our Publix was sold out of them.  I love them toasted and topped with pumpkin spice cream cheese.

Whew!  So this actually posted on Friday...only half way finished.  How that got away from me I'll never know!  :) {I'm @ang4332 on instagram!}

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