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Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello Monday!

Holy Moly, where did the rest of last week go????  Seriously.  Crazy.  And it's about to get even crazier!

First of all, though, hello to some new All Across the Universe pieces in my shop!  {I always name blue goldstones All Across the Universe...because they remind me of a starry night...the galaxy...which makes me think of the universe...which makes me think of the Beatles...which makes me think of my bridesmaids at my wedding...because they walked in to that song.  Whew!}

Hello to a super busy week!  Tonight is our only night at home all together this week.  :(  I hate weeks like that.

Hello to our last week before a whole entire week off for Thanksgiving!  Hooray!  It's what is keeping me going at this point.

Hello to figuring out some Christmas gifts.  This is the first year {ever} where I haven't even really started on gifts.  I am also thinking that I am not doing any Black Friday shopping {what, what??!!!  I know.}  The kids just seem so hard to buy for this year.

Hello to being accepted at the Indie South Fair Craft Show!!!!  Yep.  You read that right.  I am actually doing a craft show.  Mainly because I get to share a booth with these two fabulous ladies - Lindsay and Alison.  And believe you me, I will have A LOT more to share about this one!!!  Stay tuned!

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Trixiegirl said...

Here from LL!
I think no black Friday shopping sounds amazing! :)
Katie @ Trixiegirl