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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Biggest Weekend of 2010

Quinn's first snow experience 02/12/10

Our house covered in snow

Casey and Chandler

bead-a-rama party!

Chandler and Casey

Just in case you noticed, its true, yesterday was the first day in 2010 that I did not blog. It was also my first day as a 32 year old. It was also the biggest party day in our house in 2010. For the ease of not having to tie everything together in paragraph form, I'm going to give a bulleted run down of our weekend....
  • Chris and the kids had Friday off because of the impending snow storm. This worked out fabulously for us because he was able to go to the store and get all of the necessary party supplies. You know, like cake and candles.
  • It began snowing shortly before I left school and continued to snow then for about 5 to 6 hours. It was my first experience of actually driving while it was snowing. Seriously. And it was not very fun.
  • We played in the snow. When I say "we", I mean the kids. It was Q's first snow experience. He was a little unsure about it but needed bribery to come inside.
  • After two canceled flights, my aunt made it in from Chicago early Friday evening.
  • Saturday was my b-day. Chris came through with the much beloved hat from Anthro. Apparently I just need to mention my "wants" on my blog. And it is helpful when I also post pictures of said "wants."
  • I also received a bag of underwear from my mother (you know you are old when you actually ask for underwear for your birthday), a giftcard to Anthro from my wonderful SIL and BIL, and a giftcard to BN from my aunt.
  • We ended up with the Wylie and the Pendergrass families, along with several other of the girls' friends for a beading extravaganza birthday party. We had cake and ice cream. It was quite enjoyable.
  • Following the kid party (from 1-3), we then had a family dinner party at 5. We ordered Moe's catering (I highly recommend this) and served 16 people.
  • My aunt spent the night with us and then we drove out to the Forum and met mom for lunch and a girls' shopping day. Adult girls' shopping day. It was wonderful. I also love having people fight over who is going to buy me things. Awesome. I scored some cute, cute things from The Loft, a delightful pair of ballet flats from Old Navy and the best dress EVER from Charming Charlie (its a color coded store - life doesn't get any better than that!).
  • And THEN, I stopped by Molly's and had a great little visit. I love visiting her because she always has new exciting things at her house. Like a fantastic new back splash (love it!) in the kitchen.
  • And now I am home and beginning to feel very worked up about this week. (More about that later.) Almost like I could vomit. I promise to leave this post and make my way to the bathroom if that happens though. :)

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sharonp said...

I definitely noticed! I've been checking for a blog all day. I'm glad you finally got to celebrate YOUR birthday today!