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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Technologically Impaired

I thought I heard my cell phone beep this afternoon, so I pulled it out of my purse, only to discover that there was a little yellow envelop on my screen. I do know that this means there is something in my inbox. I just don't know how long its been there. Although really, it couldn't be that long because I just bought a new phone last Wednesday, after Q broke mine on Monday. Anywho, back to the little yellow envelop. I find that it is a text from Sat morning regarding the girls b-day party. My first thought was, oh, look, she thinks I'm hip and that I text. Yes, Sat morning. And it is now Tuesday. The party has since come and gone and replying to this text would just be foolish. Besides, I am not really sure that I know how to text. I did, at one point, about 5 years ago. And I haven't used it since. I take that back. Once I sent Frankie my order for Ike and Janes via text (because she refused to just write it down) and once I sent Frankie a picture of a new necklace that I was super excited about. Only, she didn't ever get that text. And I'm pretty sure I was charged $18 to send it. I do know that I am definitely not fast enough with my thumbs to make it worth my while. So now if you text me and I don't text you back, you'll know why.

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sharonp said...

Even I text, Angie! Feeling the pressure?