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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Haircuts x3

I decided on the way to pick the kids up this afternoon that today would be haircut day. The girls had not had theirs cut since the summer and Q had never had an official hair cut. We're hosting 2 birthday celebrations this weekend and they were looking a little rough. So, it was now or never.

Casey went first - she decided to get an inch cut off in length and add long layers. It looks wonderful. Chandler was up next who wanted hers cut to her chin. I really don't know why I ever kept her hair long - she is the perfect short hair girl.

While the girls were getting their cuts, Q was wild. Remember yesterday how he was an angel at the doctor's office? Well, he was the devil at the salon. He was immediately attracted to the back room. You know, the one with the large "Employees Only" sign on the door? Yep. At one point he was laying on his stomach under the sink that is used for washing hair. I couldn't get to him and he found this to be thrilling. He would also take off running and randomly grab things as he ran. When I would get close enough to catch him, he would throw himself to the floor, scream holy hell and make himself into dead weight. I know that the hairdressers were drawing straws to see who would be the lucky one to cut his hair. And then, we got him up in the chair ...he was an angel. He held still. He tipped his head forward when she needed him to. He laughed when she sprayed his hair with water. It was an amazing transformation...both in attitude and hair style.

I was really excited about getting them home and taking their picture together. All 3 with shiny new haircuts. But Q had a meltdown the moment we walked in the door and really didn't recover. Perhaps tomorrow there will be pictures.

Speaking of will be the girls 8th birthday. So, on this day, 8 years ago, I made a stupid decision. Even though I had been on bed rest for 7 weeks, I decided that I should vacuum the living room. It was a very small room. The carpet looked terrible and my aunt and uncle were coming in town the next day to celebrate my birthday with me. I figured the 5 pushes of the vacuum would be ok. Clearly, it was not.


Anonymous said...

I'm laughing at you, but I'm sorry about it at least. :) Happy birthday to the amazing and beautiful Casey and Chan!

Emily said...

Apparently, I have ended up with Baby Chris (Jonah) and you have ended up with Baby Emily (Quinn). How is this fair?