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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Day In the Life

3:55 pm - sign girls out at the after school program
3:58 pm - girls have made their way from the gym to the atrium of the school
3:59 pm - girls realize they forgot their jackets in the gym and have to go back
4:05 pm - girls are back from the gym, Casey dumps the contents of her unzipped book bag all over the atrium
4:08pm - girls stand outside the car arguing over who gets to sit in the middle of the backseat. They both want to because that person gets to sit next to Q. Casey did last time and even though she says we are doing "two turns in a row" I side with Chandler and tell Chan to sit in the middle.
4:15pm - arrive at the daycare to get Q
4:26pm - leaving the daycare, Casey races to the car, beating all of us and settling into the middle seat
4:28pm - Chandler is sobbing, I am yelling at Casey for ignoring my directions from 20 minutes ago. Q is chewing on his jacket while mooing like a cow.
4:37pm - We pull into the garage, girls get their school stuff and exit the vehicle. I unbuckle Q from his seat and he slides himself out. I try and juggle the diaper bag, my purse and shoeboxes for the girls' valentine's day boxes. We coax Q to walk through the garage. I open the door to the kitchen and he bolts for the driveway. He is halfway down the driveway by the time I catch up to him.
4:40pm - I carry in the box of spring clothes that I ordered from Old Navy that was left on the porch.
4:41pm - the girls wildly dig through the box after I told them not to. Q carries his clothes into other rooms in the house and leaves them there.
4:43pm - Q tries to climb the stairs alone. I wrestle him back down and put up the gate.
4:45pm - Q tears down the gate and climbs stairs. I carry him back down and put back up the gate.
4:52pm - Casey comes downstairs sobbing that she has lost her reading book homework.
4:55pm - She is now hyperventilating, wailing and pounding her fists on the floor. I send her to her room because I do not want to listen to this.
4:58pm - I put water on to boil and go to the pantry to get out the pasta and sauce for the night. There is no pasta and sauce. Q dumps a cup of water (that the girls left out) all over himself.
5:01pm - Casey has locked herself in her closet while she continues her screaming fit.
5:03pm - Q has a major poop. He won't let me change his diaper and he begins screaming and growling at me.
5:07pm - I order pizza to be delivered.
5:20 - 30 minutes after she began crying, I tell her that she is done. She needs to tell her teacher that she is sorry and that she will do better next time. Either she left it in her classroom, she didn't pick it up from her book bag explosion and it has been turned into the office or she has truly lost it and will need to pay for it.

We eat and all is well. The children all bathe together in the big tub in my bathroom. Chris comes home from his parent/teacher conference night.

7:18pm - I close the door to Q's room after putting him to bed. I hear Chandler in her room exclaim to sister, "Gasp! I forgot to finish all of my homework!"
7:20pm - girls bring down their agendas and reading logs to be signed. I ask Chandler if she has finished everything. She tells me yes. I tell her what I overheard. She blows it off and says she only has a little left to do. I refuse to sign her stuff. She begs to decorate her valentine's box. I send her to bed.
7:24pm - I have a meltdown and begin crying.
7:35 - Casey and Chris are wrapping her shoebox. Chandler comes back downstairs to apologize. She has finished all of her homework. She cries and tells me she loves me and that she is sorry that she lied and made me sad. We hug. I sign her papers so that she doesn't get in trouble at school. She asks if she can decorate her box. I tell her no. She accepts the punishment. I kiss her good night and send her back upstairs.
7:38 - Chandler joins Chris and Casey and tells Chris that she has worked everything out with me and she can decorate her box. Chris believes her.
7:52 - Chandler shows me her beautiful box...and then realizes that she shouldn't have done that. Chris is now furious with her. All girls are sent to bed.


molly said...

damn, and i thought my day was rough.

Anonymous said...

Holy. Crap. You want to come visit me for a few weeks? You can stay as LONG as you want. But yes, I'm also laughing.