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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Box From Grandpa Part II

My dear sister in law commented on the last post something to the effect of "What did Quinn get?" Well, funny that should come up...

My dad and stepmom did indeed send something for Q in the latest box. I spoke to my dad Tuesday night (before the box arrived) and made a comment that there had better not be anything noisy in the box. He chuckled and then we had this conversation...

Dad: Well, er, um, we did send Q some V-day gifts and one of them is a little bit loud.
Me: Its not an umbrella with a whistle attached, is it?
Dad: (more chuckling) No, no umbrella. It is actually something that is representative of the greatest gift the Mexican culture has given us. (more chuckling)
Me: Dad, did you send my son Cheech and Chong dolls?
*silence and a long pause*
Dad: No. (very offended) I did not send him dolls.
Me: Ok, just checking.

Fast forward to the opening of yesterday's box...Quinn received a car from the movie Cars. It was Ramone - the lowrider Impala - with the voice of Cheech. He says things like, "Show me some respect, Homes."

The sad part of this story is that when my father said "the greatest gift the Mexican culture has given us," I knew automatically that he was referring to Cheech. Sad.

1 comment:

Emily said...

lol. I love it. Let me just fill you in on the fact that your dear husband, my brother, bought Linus a drum one year many moons ago. Additionally, he gave Linus an enormous ball pit shaped like Muck from Bob the Builder. You're lucky I haven't seen fit to pay you back....yet. I'm just sayin'.... :)