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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Casey's Valentine

Since the middle of last year Casey has had a "secret" boyfriend. It is a house secret...meaning that it doesn't get talked about outside of the house. It is a secret to the boy that he is Casey's boyfriend. Crazy? Yes, I know. But Chris and I have approved this manner of boy liking. She pointed him out to me one afternoon when I picked her up at school and whispered in my ear, "There he is, Mama. That's my secret boyfriend."

Only they had their Valentine's Day party at school this week, so love was in the air. And Casey's secret boyfriend asked her on the playground if she would be his Valentine. And then everyone in their classes said that they were going to get married. And Casey is on cloud nine. She can't believe that her secret boyfriend is not a secret any more.

As long as they continue playing tag on the playground and not kissing under the slide, I think it'll be ok.

***Please note, Casey and Chandler both think that kissing is disgusting. Chandler also informed me that even when she gets married she is only going to kiss on the cheek. The lip area is off limits. Chris was pleased by this.


sharonp said...

ruh roh.

molly said...

LOL. They are so cute. I had my first kiss in Kindergarten with a boy named John Little. I thought it was meant to be b/c I lived on Little John Dr. so it had to be fate.