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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Ants Go Marching Two by Two...

...or four by four, 53 by 53, one trillion by one trillion.  I'm sure that's how many we currently have in our house right now. 

Its not good times.  I can't even bring myself to say "Good Times" sarcastically and very little stops me from that.  Apparently ants in my house does though.

It started Tuesday morning, in the dog food in the pantry.  Chris sprayed them and it looked like a massacre had occurred in there by the time we got home.

On Tuesday night  there were a few (10 to 20) in the front room/craft room.  Chris was hoping that they were a few strays from the pantry.  Then they were UPSTAIRS in the girls' room.  And in between the kitchen and living room.  And on the landing of the stairs.

Last night they were in the foyer and on the bottom stairs.

Today they were all over the counter by the canisters in the kitchen and on the floor in Quinn's room.

I swear, we do not keep a dirty house.

We've had a ridiculous amount of them in the flower beds around the house this summer.  Apparently they've decided to move in.

I wonder if they would pay the mortgage so that we could move to Athens.

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