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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Ducks Were in a Row

I called Chris at 4:48 the other afternoon.  He is supposed to leave work at 4:45.  He was in a meeting.

He didn't get home until a little after 6pm.

And I wasn't {shockingly enough} upset about this.


Because this is how my day went..

5:30am - the alarm went off.  I began praying that it was a mistake.  It wasn't.
5:45am - in the shower.
5:55am - waking up my children.  crazy.
6:30am - driving to work
7:15am - 3:20 - at work (it was a good day.  lots of classes.)
3:25pm - stopped by the bank
4:15pm - dropped the girls off at the house.  changed clothes.  did a few things on my list {like make a pair of earrings.}
4:35pm - leave for the gym
4:45pm - 5:10 - 1 mile on the treadmill, 1 mile on the elliptical {for no other reason than to satisfy my ADD}
5:15pm - pick up Q
5:35pm - home.  reload dishwasher, clean up kitchen from breakfast, preheat oven to cook the artichoke chicken that Chris prepared the night before. 

See?  I was productive.  Had my ducks in a row and was wildly crossing things {like earrings} off my list for the night.  Fantastic.

I love days like that.  Even when my husband gets home late.

1 comment:

sharonp said...

Chris is superwoman! He can bring home the bacon....fry it up in the pan.