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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Me: A to Z

I think its going around, but I saw it on Casey's blog and thought it would be fun...  So, here goes nothing.

A. age : 33 (and a half) although sometimes I feel like I'm much older.  I think it may be all the gray that is coming in.  And then other times I feel 18 again.  Like when House of Pain comes on.  Ok, when I turn House of Pain on.

B. bed size : king, which is nice since there are currently 4 of us sleeping in it.

C. chore you hate : Honestly, I'm at the point where I hate all chores.  None of them are fun.  There was once a time when I loved (seriously. looooooved.) cleaning my house.  I felt accomplished.  I could clean everything in a Saturday morning.  And the whole house would sparkle.  The house was also teeny tiny.  And so we moved and I HATE cleaning this house.  And now that there are 5 of us, I hate doing laundry.  I also hate cooking (which is why Chris does it).  I don't have the ability to just "make something."  I have to follow a recipe step-by-step, stopping to reread each step as I go.  And so it takes me a billion years.  And I don't enjoy it.

D. dogs : Ike.  Ikey.  Bike.  Bikey.  Ikus.  Ikey Poo.  Devil Dog.

E. essential start to your day : coffee, with fancy creamer, and a shower.  I used to have a Diet Coke every morning, but haven't done that since the DCD.  (diet coke divorce)

F. favorite color : white. (to wear) And otherwise I just love all colors.  Really.

G. gold or silver :  Both.  I'm an equal opportunity jewelry lover.

H. height : 5'7 and a smidge

I. instruments you play : In middle school I played the trumpet.  My family would probably beg to differ with the "played" part.  It was more like blowing air into it and hoping that a sound that was maybe a teensy bit pleasing to the ear came out.

J. job title : School Librarian, Mama, Wife

K. kids : Casey, Chandler and Quinn

L. live : just outside of Athens

M. maiden name :My mother said I'm not allowed to tell you.  :)

N. nicknames :: Ang.  Or if you're my mother, you can call me Honey.  Or if you're a certain friend of my dad's you can all me Angelina Boscalina. 

O. overnight hospital stays : Having children.  I pretend that I'm at the spa when I'm there though.

P. pet peeve : Oh.  I don't even know where to start with this one.

Q. quote : "In the end it will all be okay.  If its not okay, then its not the end."

R. righty or lefty : Right.  Although as a child I desperately wanted to be left handed.  I also couldn't wait to get braces.

S. siblings : I have two younger half brothers and two younger step brothers.  They are all Awesome.  With a capital A.

T. time you wake up : I'm rocking the 5:30am these days.  Boo.

U. university attended :  University of Georgia.  For all 3 degrees.

V. vegetables you dislike: I love them all.  Except beets.  Are those a vegetable?  And sprouts.  I don't like sprouts.

W. what makes you run late :  These dang children.  And it drives me insane in the membrane.  I am an on.time.person.  The little people constantly slow me down.

X. x-rays you’ve had : I've broken my leg, my arm, a toe (that was a spectacular experience...they x-rayed it...although I am pretty sure that when your pinky toe is perpendicular to your foot you already know that its broken.), I've had a hernia (but that was a cat scan), and then, of course, the billion at the dentist and orthodontist (when I did finally get braces).  And there was this one time (at band camp...just kidding) when I had a tissue infection in my elbow and they x-rayed that one too.

Y. yummy food :  I'm pretty much in love with all food.  Except fruit.  And meat on the bone.  And the aforementioned beets and sprouts.

Z. zoo animal favorite :  Otters.  Hands down.

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Christy said...

I also hate meat on the bone. I was just talking about that today.