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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Matt + Chalise.

When Matt graduated from high school he packed up his tahoe and moved to Texas.  I'm pretty sure that we all thought he would be back.

Seven years later, he's still there.  He has a great girlfriend and they built a lovely house together and I'm thinking that he might be there to stay.

We spent the day in Athens with them...

Matt and Chandler.  Yes, there was a headlock involved.  That's how Uncle Matt rolls.  I know this from growing up with that kid.  He'll put you in a headlock at the drop of a hat.

Some of my favorite Athens places...

Back at the house, I tried to take a decent picture of Matt, Chalise and the kids.  This is what I ended up with...

Pretty much a spectacular roll of outtakes.  This one was my favorite.  I think I'm going to put it up in my office.

What in the world is that child doing???  I also really love how Casey is pointing at him.  Like I haven't noticed what a weirdo that one is.  Sheesh.

And then there was this....  Q kept asking Uncle Matt for piggyback rides and then jumping onto his back.  So eventually Uncle Matt told Q that it was his turn to give Matt a piggyback ride.

And in this picture, Quinn is saying, "I can't give you piggyback.  My legs are too little.  I got too little legs."


Michele said...

GA to TX is a long drive! I loved all of your photos of Athens and the outtakes of the group.

Crystal Farish said...

OUtakes are the best. Love all the shots of Athens. I need to get out there! Next time we plan I trip, I'm insisting on booking the flights so we can stay in Georgia a day or two instead of sleeping on the floor for a few hours in the airport during our red-eye flights. So miserable.

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