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Thursday, August 4, 2011

One Year Ago.

I usually leave my iphoto on the last twelve months setting.  I love seeing the pictures from where we were a year ago.  Today this is what was first in line...

Pics from last year's first day of school.  I love how Q HAD to be in the pictures with his sisters.  While our old county went back today, our new school doesn't start for the kids until Monday.  And then you'll get to see how super cute they look in their uniforms.  :)


Emily said...

Gosh. They've all grown so much.

Michele said...

Awesome! I love to see how they change so much in just one year. Good luck with the new school year. We start teacher inservice next week. I'm planning to wear my new Ike & Co earrings. I'll email and let you know all of the compliments I get!!! People love them :)