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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Bead.

Chris was at choir practice Sunday night.  The children had gone upstairs to watch a show in our room.  I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner.

After about 5 minutes, Quinn came downstairs.

Quinn:  Mama.  I got a bead up my nose.

**And then my heart stopped.  And I felt a surge of panic.  But I tried to stay calm.*

Me:  What do you mean you have a bead up your nose?
Quinn:  I put a bead up my nose and now it stuck there.

**And this is when I went, "Oh, crap."  And my stopped heart sank into my stomach.**

Me:  What kind of bead, Quinn?  (One of mine?  One of the girls'?  We have a lot of beads in our house.)
Quinn:  Ummmmm, a purple bead.

**And then he shoved his finger up his nose to the second knuckle.**

Me:  Oh, no, Quinn!  No, no!  Don't put your finger up there!  Here, let Mama take a look.

**And then I tipped his head back and sure enough, there really was something up there.  My stopped heart that was in stomach plummeted to my knees.  I frantically dialed Chris's phone.  I mentally began calculating how long it would take to get Ike in the crate, the girls up to CB's house, and how long of a drive it would be to ER.  Chris was already in Athens, he could meet us there.  Panic.  Sheer panic.

Sidenote:  When I was 17, I had cat scratch fever (no, really, its true) and my parents had to take me to the children's hospital and there was a small child screaming in a room while the doctor extracted an acorn from her nose.  I envisioned this being Quinn.  It didn't help the situation.**

As the phone continued to ring, Quinn began blowing through his nose.  On the 3rd blow, the bead shot across the room.  Quinn took off after it.  Upon retrieving it, he commented....

Quinn:  Oh!  Look, Mama, its a yellow bead, not purple!

Close one.  We have discussed in great detail how nothing should be shoved up one's nose....ever.


Lena B, Actually said...

Haha! Sooooo happy he was able to get it out himself! 6 years into parenthood, I haven't had to deal with THAT one yet! Yikes!

Allyson said...

You might want to add ear to that list. My mom found herself in this situation twice; once when my sister put a bean in her ear and again when my brother put a screw in his nose. I guess by the time I came along she had the "don't put stuff in your ______" speech to a very convincing level.

Unknown said...

Oh QUINN. I'm sorry, but I laughed. It's true. I'm a terrible person.

Emily said...

Ask your husband about the time he got a wire clothes hanger stuck in the roof of his mouth. :)

Anonymous said...

haha. I dread the day Gabe sticks his first whatevertheheck up his nose. Or ear. My youngest brother stuck the end of a toothbrush in his ear once & managed to break it off. That was an awesome trip to the ER, lemme tell you.

Natalia Lynn said...

That is such a cute/scary story! I have two boys and no story like that yet, but man, I would feel the same way! Good thing he blew it out. By the way, I love your blog and your jewelry, it is beautiful.

Abby said...

My sister did the exact same thing when she was Quinn's age. Only it was a green bead. And it took four people to hold her down at the ER.