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Saturday, April 24, 2010

24 Hour Review

My past 24 hours:

1. Mabry stopped by. I made her son cry. Certainly not on purpose, but he cried just the same.
2. Cook Out at the Wylies. I love them. Every last one of them. Good food, good times. Aiden is Quinn's keeper. And, they invited some of the neighbors - one of them I went to high school with. Such a small world. Then we left 2 of our 3 kids there for a sleepover. Bonus.
3. Met Joy for breakfast. We began with tears....and then there was an uncountable amount of laughter. I am so glad to have her back in my life. It is good for my soul.
4. Swapped some jewelry out at Elements Salon in Athens. If you go there...and you should...check out some of the new goodies!
5. Picked up the girls from the Wylies. I was greeted with, "Awwwww, Mooooooommmmm." Do you hear the disappointment? I felt so loved. Chatted with Frankie.

And now I am home. Chris has cleaned, baked cookies with Q and the house is really very quiet. It is raining outside. I need to go to the grocery store, but will be putting it off for as long as possible. I can't promise that there will be another post today, but there just might. One can never tell.

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