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Saturday, April 3, 2010

An Egg Hunt and A Birthday Party all in one day? Oh my.

Sadly, I forgot to take my camera to both events. But perhaps when Frankie uploads hers I will steal some and post them here. :)

We began the morning by going to Chris's parents' house for their annual Egg Hunt. It is quite the a good way! And the kids LOVE IT!!! And I especially love the adult egg hunt in the know, the eggs that have money in them. Yes, that's right. Eggs. With money in them. Tell me that you wouldn't be down for that kind of egg hunt. We practically push each other off the deck to get to the yard. And then she serves ice cream and bunny cake. This year she served green colored coconut grass around the cake and it was my favorite part. I really should have just rolled my cake in the coconut grass.

Then we came home, changed our kids' clothes (I mean, really, what kind of mother has their kid wear jeans on a day when it is 80 degrees outside???), wrapped Loralai's present and walked up the street for her 1st birthday party. Again, another really wonderful event. Low-key, great company, excellent food...and a good time was had by all. Well except for Q when he tried to give Mary Bright a 2nd kiss and she told him no. And no means no, buddy. So that wasn't such a great experience for him. Shot down. Better luck next time.

And now, Q is napping, the girls are resting and I think I might lay down as well. Then I am going to make PW's Creamy lemon squares, and some key lime ones too. There might be a few that we can take to Chris's parents' house tomorrow, but I make no promises.

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sharonp said...

Ahem...I'm expecting those squares!