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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lesson Learned

I am not a great cook. I know this about myself and am ok with it. Yes, this means that Chris does all of the cooking, but he enjoys it and is really good at it. This is the way that our household works. There are many reasons why I am not left to do the cooking, like this one for example, but one thing that I do somewhat excel at is desserts. Which is funny, because I am not usually a dessert eater kind of person. But I make a fantastic pistachio cake (if I do say so myself), and my Gram's homemade carrot cake with coffee frosting, and a chocolate delight. So, when I ran across PW's recipe for creamy lemon crumb squares, I figured I should give it a try. And then follow her advice in making key lime squares too. Its spring and these seemed wonderfully springy to me.

So, I began the dessert making process a earlier today. Only I failed to line all of my ducks up in a row before beginning - I melted the butter instead of softening it, which apparently was important for the topping part. I was shocked to learn that we actually owned a juicer. Who knew? And so I began the task of squeezing the lemons. I was fascinated by the juice collecting in the bottom of the juicer. So I bent over to get eye level with the juicer. Only that also meant that I was eye level with the lemon that I was squeezing...and my eye was the perfect target for the shooting lemon juice. Yes, friends, lemon juice shot into my EYE! My eye, people! It was open (because I was gawking with amazement at the simplicity of the juicer), wide open! And then the was lemon juice in my wide open eye! It happened in slow motion. I saw the juice coming straight for me. So I screamed. And then I started laughing. And then crying because ohmygod lemon my EYE!!! So I was a laughing and crying mess and Chris had to escort me to the bathroom for an eye rinsing. To rinse the LEMON JUICE out of my EYE. WTH, who gets lemon juice in their eye while squeezing lemons with a juicer?

So, when I make the key lime squares later, I'll know better than to become too enamored with the juicer. Lesson learned.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, an apron would have totally prevented that. I'll hook you up with my friend Virginia.