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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Can't Sleep

Ugh. I hate this. Its because I am so schedule oriented everyday of my life that when I begin to feel a little bit of freedom from the schedule, I decide that I can't go to bed. It would steal away the freedom. And my house is quiet. My husband is asleep. Q is currently asleep (which will only last until 6 minutes and 12 seconds after I go to bed). And the girls are asleep...2 hours away at my mom's house.

So, I am sitting here, with glazed over eyeballs, thinking about all the things that I got done today and all of the things that I would like to get done tomorrow.

1. We cleaned out our closet. It looks wonderful. I want to stay in there all the time now. Its even vacuumed. I found a pair of shoes that I got for Christmas in 2007...still in the box...with the paper inserts in them. They're winter shoes though, so I have to wait to actually wear them. I hope they're still in style. Its not my fault that they were "lost". We moved in Feb of 2008. And I was pregnant. You know what pregnancy brain is like. You lose shoes for 3 years.

2. We cleaned out Q's closet.
3. laundry
4. bank
5. post office
6. Goodwill
7. I took the car to be serviced at the dealership in Athens. They were quick and I was impressed by that. I was not impressed that they guy came out to talk to me twice. Once to tell me that I was due for some big service. $150. The second time was to tell me that I need new tires (which I already knew) and that he could put them on for $868. Dear God. Are you kidding me???
8. Old Navy
9. Rack Room Shoes
10. Target (oh how I love thee)
11. dinner outside at The Grit. Veggie plate = happiness
12. Abby the neighbor came to visit

1. Apparently I will be sleeping until at least 9am.
2. Clean out the girls' closet.
3. Clean out the spare bedroom closet.
4. Watch Chris work in the yard.
5. Teach Quinn how to say, "I love you. You're the best mama in the whole wide world." It might be difficult, but not impossible. He has a pretty good command of the word "ball" so I think he's ready for a new challenge.

Why all the closet cleaning? Well, we have decided that it is time for the girls to have their own bedrooms. Q's room and the spare room are the exact same size, so at least it'll be even. The girls are excited about this. Chandler wants a red and black room. Casey wants a green room. Because that is her new favorite color. BUT, there are a ton of things that we have to do before said move can take place. The girls' current room (which is painted seafoam green - their pick, not mine) needs to be painted a more "boy" color. We may let Q wear silky pajamas, but we draw the line at a pastel room. Q's current room needs to be painted. I have compromised with Chan that the room can be painted gray and we can decorate with red and black. And 93% of the furniture in the spare bedroom needs to find a whole new home. We have one bedroom suite - low dresser with mirror, nightstand, queen size headboard, and armoir ($150 for the whole set) - and an antique vanity with chair ($60 and its yours!). Perhaps I'll post some pics soon to see if any of you are interested before I list things on Craig's list. But, back to the closets. The closet in the spare bedroom is really my only accessible storage space (I've never even seen the inside of our attic), so I have to find a place to put all of my treasures. You know, like my high school yearbooks, my prom dress, and my collection of porcelain dolls.

And this is the end of my almost 1am post.

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