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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Along with the big move, Q has decided that he no longer wants to sleep in his crib and much prefers the bottom bunk that is set up in his new bog boy room. We set up the rails and went with it. Now, here's the part where I admit something that might freak some of you out. It's ok. Really. So, we also put the child proof doorknob thingy on the inside of the door. I did this when the girls were little and I was paranoid that they would get out of their room, reek havoc through the house and I wouldn't hear them. So, essentially I "locked" them in. The girls learned very quickly that if they just knocked on the door when they woke up in the morning a called, "A Mama!" that I would come running. It worked well and I could sleep knowing that they were safe in their room. So we did the same thing with Q now that he is sleeping in a big boy bed.

At 3:30am this morning he was screaming, so I ran down the hall to his room. I opened the door. He handed me the safety doorknob, tried to body check me and run out. I have no idea how he got the safety door knob off. That doesn't seem very safe to me.

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