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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Story About Chris's Memory

Chris does not have the greatest memory. Its true. I am not just talking smack about my husband. (And I do have his permission to write about this post, although he mentioned that if someone said something to him about it he may not remember - the following conversation, or the post itself.) One of my cousins said once that Chris was the greatest secret keeper. This is also true. But it is really only because he forgets what you have told him within, oh say, 24 hours...perhaps even shorter. So if you have a really horrible secret that you just need to let our , but don't want to suffer any repercussions because of it...Chris is your guy. There are times when this works in my favor - like when I forget to tell him something, I can say that I did tell him and he believes me. Not that I would actually do that but in case I needed to...
Ok, moving on. Along with this memory issue is the problem that it is very difficult for him to remember names. (How he keeps his students straight is a mystery. But he does. Intense training, I think.) Today we watched neighbor Abby's son, Graham. Chris and I had this conversation last night about it...

Chris: What's that boy's name that's coming over in the morning?
Me: Graham.
Chris: And the mom is? Wait don't tell me. (long dramatic pause) The last name is Lipsomething
Me: LiBsack
Chris: the mom is Abby. And the dad is...wait. Don't tell me. Zach? Cody? Kyle? Ron?
Me: Syd.
Chris: Riiiiiiiggggghhhhhttt. Like Sid Vicious. He's in a band. That's how I'll remember. Sid in the Band.
Me: So we are now referring to a barbershop quartet as a band? (Syd really is in a very impressive barbershop quartet.)
Chris: Yes. Yes we are.

I just pray that he doesn't call him Sid Vicious to his face. Or begin calling Abby, Nancy.


sharonp said...

I tried to tell Chris what all those risky behaviors in high school were going to do to him!

sharonp said...

I tried to tell him what all that risky behavior in high school would lead to.

sharonp said...

should I try to say it one more way? Duh.

Allyson said...

Well, if your neighbor reads your blog she will understand why her name has suddenly been changed to Nancy.

Emily said...

My husband would say that this is a genetic trait. I would have to wholeheartedly disagree. :) I think I'll go with mom's opinion that it was those risky behaviors...or that risky behavior...or whatever from high school.