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Sunday, April 18, 2010

We've Lost Her For Good

Chris said to me this morning, "We've lost her for good, haven't we?" This is how much Casey loves her new room. Yesterday she stayed in her room, sitting at the desk, working on...first a 3 page story and then creating fashion designs (which is her new ambition in life - becoming the next Stella McCartney). This morning, she woke up, made her bed, got dressed for church and didn't come down until she absolutely had to. To top off the greatness of the new room, Chris let them pick some of our CDs (since we rely on our ipods these days) to listen to in their rooms. She spent the majority of the afternoon rocking out to Fergie and Come On Eileen. Of course, there was also the incident today where Chris sent Casey to her room and she slammed the door...and then Chris threatened to take the door off the hinges. Day 1 of her own room.

Fantastically fun owls from Target. She picked them out herself. (And her collection of models from the aquarium that she put together.)

And this is not a picture of the room, but a picture of the super cool dress that my mom bought for me for my birthday. Today was the first wearing of the dress.

Tomorrow, we'll take a look at Chan's room. It'll be awhile before pictures of Q's room are posted. We still have to paint in there, hang pictures, etc.


sharonp said...

Are you sure she loves the room and isn't just trying to escape the Q man? Just kidding. It's a precious room! And so's that dress!

Anonymous said...

Very cute dress. But more importantly, do you EVER SLEEP?

Crystal Farish said...

Sooooo cute. Those wall graphics a re adorable. I love yellow.