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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


For the past couple of days I have been thinking about the song "Levon" by Elton John. I really love Elton John. He reminds me of my childhood. He reminds me of my stepdad. Not because my stepdad plays piano or likes to perform on stage in Bob Mackey or Donald Duck costumes (Good Heavens, no!), but because I really feel that he was the one to formally introduce me to Elton. You see, before Tom my mother had a somewhat limited Saturday morning cleaning music selection. It mainly consisted of Anita Baker, Gloria Estefan, Taylor Dane and Natalie Cole. Every once in awhile she would mix it up with some Wham! or Chicago. But when Tom entered our lives, we began listening to Elton's Yellow Brick Road album. (And Blood, Sweat and Tears...but that's a whole other post.) All the young girls love Alice...Tender young Alice they say... and instantly I am transported back to those years of my childhood.

But back to Levon...I love this song. It is probably my favorite Elton number. A low point in my life - the night I drove home to my parents' house when my first husband and I were divorcing - I was crying the whole way down 316 and then Levon came on. I sobbed while singing every word of the song. I'm sure the other drivers were worried. Even though I was still crying, the song made me happy. And then this past Saturday, when I got in the car after having lunch with my long lost friend, Levon came on the radio. This time I sang it with a smile on my face. And again it made me happy.


sharonp said...

nessneIt's my favorite too! ..and Tiny Dancer.

Jessica said...

We love EJ. It's funny to hear the kids singing it.