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Monday, March 21, 2011

A Day Where All I Want to do is Vent

I am certainly trying to do my part in boosting the economy, I really am.  I still do quite a bit of shopping...definitely more than I should.  And so then this is what kills me.

Getting a letter from the mortgage company letting us know that our escrow account was short because the taxes went up on our house.  Our house that is currently being appraised for 20k more than what we bought it for.  The same house that we wouldn't be able to sell unless we listed it for 30k less than what we paid.

So this means our house payment is going up...yet again.  It has consistently gone up (to the tune of almost $300) since we moved in 3 years ago...even after we've refinanced.

And the part that really, really bothers me is that our taxes are going up but being that we are both teachers, we have both taken pay cuts and furlough days.  So essentially its like, "Hey!  We're going to cut your pay...and charge you more for the taxes on the house that you live in.  That ok with you?"


I am really just venting.  On this issue though, I know that it is going to take me a week to get over it, rather than my usual 24 to 72 hours.  :)


sharonp said...

This has happened to us every year too but if you pay the discrepancy your payment won't go up.

Anonymous said...

I feel the EXACT same pain! It is hard to deal with the increase in mortgage with a decrease in our paychecks :(