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Monday, March 14, 2011


Quinn has a whole slew of new things that he is doing...

  • He can spell his name.
  • He tells ladies that they are his best girl.  For example, "Mama, you my best girl."
  • He likes to hide for the last person home to find him, and then he jumps out and yells, "Boo Prize!"
  • Hen continues to call Ike, Bikey.  Big sigh.  Which makes me think that the dog may need a name change.
And not to leave the girls out, they also have a whole slew of new things that they are doing....

  • They can now argue with the wall, properly throwing attitude at it in the form of eye rolling and crossing their arms over their chests.
  • They can try on 5 different outfits in a morning and then put 4 of those outfits in the dirty clothes.
  • They now think that Chris and I are complete idiots and that we have spent the past 33/32 years living under a rock and know nothing about life on Earth.  
So far, I like Quinn's new things much, much better.


Emily said...

So, does Ike respond to Bikey? I think it's cute.

sharonp said...

perhaps it's time for the girls to be assigned laundry duty. You can look forward to another 15 years of knowing nothing about life on Earth and then you will one day be granted wisdom.