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Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Scattered Post

I am feeling very scattered.  Tomorrow is our last day of school before spring break.  We are leaving Saturday morning to spend the weekend out at my mom's house in the woods.  Before we go, I have a few errands to run, everyone has to get packed and the girls have to clean their bedrooms.

So, because we have so much on the to do list for tomorrow, we decided to eat out tonight since we can't really leave the house tomorrow night.  I talked Chris into going to  Ali V's (trust me, I really had to twist his arm *wink, wink*).  And we lucked out!  It was a kids eat free night!

This is what I ate.  I'm pretty sure that it was an 8000 calorie dinner.  I had the 4 veggie plate - green beans, mac n cheese, a double order of fried squash and cornbread.  I think we should take another look at the fried squash.  Oh how I love thee.

I'm telling you....what I wouldn't do for a bowl of it right now.  Seriously.
Quinn was completely fabulous throughout the whole dinner.  It was pretty much a miracle.  And then when we came home and Quinn did this....

He emptied everything out of the telephone table in the foyer.  And when I told him that he had to pick it all up, he wrapped himself in the blanket - kind of cape like - and picked up one. thing. at. a. time.  It took him forever to clean up.  Because he could only use one hand.  The other one had to hold his cape closed, of course.
New things that will be up in the, maybe tomorrow?  With any luck tonight.  But I can't guarantee that...Grey's is on, so I'm a little busy.  :)

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Crystal Farish said...

I want that dinner. :) And I love my necklaces. :) Thank you sooo much for thinking of us. You are such a sweet friend.