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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fake It 'til You Make It

I have been given this advice A LOT lately, "fake it 'til you make it,"  and I am here to report that it actually DOES work!

Seriously.  I would not lie about this.

I think we all know that I have had a few rough months now.  Ok, maybe more than just a few.  Many.  Chris would probably tell you that I was suffering from depression...because who does depression hurt?  Everyone.  And he is everyone, so he would know.  (You are familiar with that commercial, right???)

But I have decided, firmly, and because spring is on the way and spring is my super happy place, that I am, for sure, going to fake it til I make it.  The days when I wake up and make a conscious decision, I will be happy today, are usually my best days.  And when I feel that yucky mood creeping in, I tell it to go away because I have decided to be happy.

I may also suffer from multiple personalities.  That could actually be the real problem.  I have a happy, fun personality and a ho-hum, grumpy personality.  I mean, clearly, I just admitted that I talk to myself...and my moods...that I just personified.  And that would explain a lot of issues in my life.  Humph.  Perhaps I should look into that.  Just sayin.

Anyway, the important part of this lesson is doesn't work if you say, "I'm going to try to fake it til I make it."  Drop the try.  Its no good for you.  (You're no good, you're no good, you're no good,  Baby, you're no good...go ahead, sing along.)

It also doesn't work if you say, "I will try to be happy today."  Again.  That dang try is in the way.  It leaves room for failure or know...."I tried to be happy but then so and so came in and ticked me off and even though I tried, I just couldn't be happy anymore."  Um, yeah.  Wrong answer.  Because you told yourself that you were going to be happy today.  And you can't just let yourself down like that. 

So, even if you're not happy, fake it til you make it and eventually you will.  Make it, that is.

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Emily said...

There is no doubt that Chandler is your child. :) This post is totally something that she would say.