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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good for My Soul

Fried squash is good for my soul.  It really is.  I love it.  A lot.  Perhaps more than I should.

I had dinner last night with a few besties - Anna and Donna.  We used to see each other every day when I taught at the middle school with them, now I'm lucky if its every month or two.  How I miss them.  Big sigh.  Donna was my teammate and I don't know what I ever would have done without her, and Anna and I were co-teachers.  We started every class period together by sitting on our high stools and having the Kelly and Kelly show.  The kids loved it.  We went over all our housekeeping items, what we ate for breakfast and what we would be doing in class that day, as Kelly and Kelly.  We couldn't do Regis and Kelly because we're both girls.  But I think you figured that one out on your own.

Anywho, so we met up at Ali V's for dinner.  I perused the I don't always get the same thing...and Anna kept saying, "Don't forget, you always order a double order of the fried squash."  And I laughed and thought that I could get away without ordering a double of fried squash (because that's kind of embarrassing).  So I didn't.  And I regretted it.  So I put in an order for seconds (which is really more embarrassing than just ordering a double to start with).  Only I think the waiter (a teenage boy) thought that I was joking (and I was not) and didn't ever bring that second bowl of fried squash out to me.  Oh, the tragedy of it all.

So, my soul feels better than before I went out, but not quite as great as it would have felt if I had that 2nd helping of fried squash.


Crystal Farish said...

I have never seen fried squash on a menu! Sounds heavenly. Is it fried zucchini, but with a nicer name??? Love that stuff. :)

Angie said...

Come visit and we can go there for dinner! :)