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Monday, March 28, 2011

Today is Chris's Birthday. And a random story.

Today is my dear, sweet husband's birthday.  And I want to post a really amazing post for him.  I really do.  But I need the perfect picture to accompany said post, but said perfect picture is currently on his bulletin board at school.  So, until I kidnap, or rather, picturenap it, this will have to do....

I am married to the greatest guy on the face of the Earth.  And I am not just saying that because its his birthday.  I'll say tomorrow too, just to prove myself.  And I hope he has a super happy birthday.

Random story...

On the way home from work, with all three children in the car, I said to the girls....

Me:  Girls, guess what song I had in my head all day?
Girls:  What?
Me:  *belting it out* Jesus, met a woman, at the welllllllll....
Casey:  Oh, yeah, from church yesterday.  Guess what song has been stuck in our heads all day?
Me:  What?
Girls:  *together, without discussion, which, no doubt, is super creepy* blah, blah, blah (singing a real song, something from their kidz bop cd)

As they continued singing without end, Quinn began shushing them.

Quinn:  shhhhhhhhhhhh!   shhhhhhhhhhh!  shhhhhhhhh!
Me:  Quinn, is there a song that's been stuck in your head all day that you want to sing?
Quinn:  Um.....yeah!  Shakalaka, jump over my blankie!

Another Random Story....

The other morning before leaving for work....
Me:  Quinn, there's a napkin on the floor.  Can you put it in the trash?
Quinn:  Abracadabra, trash!

It didn't work.  And that was upsetting.

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