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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

So, Lindsey, from The Pleated Poppy (she was also featured in the post by the Pioneer Woman), does a What I Wore Wednesday post each week, and I thought this week I would give it a go and link up with her.

 jeans - the gap
brown moccasin ballet flats - old navy 
kelly green v-neck - old navy
plum rose necklace - allora handmade

 khakis - j.crew
striped t-shirt - old navy
denim jacket - calvin klein
chambray ballet flats - old navy
vintage yellow necklace - my shop!

Please note Q in the corner of this picture.  He can't stand for other people to be having their picture made.  Can't. Stand. It.  I do believe that this boy is spoiled.  And I think the fact that he has been having his picture taken on a regular basis by the fab Ms Frankie since he was 4 days old may have played a part in it too.  Just sayin.

I'm not showing you the full picture for this one only because for some crazy reason I kept my sunglasses on and my hair was doing something stupid.  Big sigh.  But you can see another outtake in the post below.  But I love, love, love the necklace that I am wearing!  Its made by my dear friend, Crystal B!  We've been emailing for over a year now and spoke on the phone for the first time this week.  Pretty Amazing.  :)

Just in case you were wondering...
denim jacket - calvin klein
grey jersey dress - old navy
black tank - old navy 
leggings - target
black sporty ballet flats - anne klein
necklace - crystal b

I actually did like doing this because I felt like I put a smidge more effect into what I was putting on everyday,  And I never really have any pics of me on the blog, so I felt like that was a change too.  All in all, good experience.


Crystal Farish said...

Fun idea! Love your outfits! And thanks for the shout out. You are awesome.

Abigail said...

I love the yellow necklace you wore! And you have some cute outfits :)

jasonbob said...

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