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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Story About Soup

As I may have mentioned Quinn loves to mix together a bunch of little toys and call it soup.  He brought down this bucket of them the other night...his soup, if you will,...and proceeded to line everything up on the table. 

Me:  Quinn, what are you doing?
Q:  Makey soup.
Me:  With your toys?
Q:  No toys.  Soup.
Me:  What is the best part of your soup?
Q:  All good soup.

Please note that the child doesn't even like to eat soup.

A little while after I took this picture, Chris asked Q to clean up his soup and take it back upstairs.  He packed everything back into the pumpkin and then made a detour into the craft room, where I was, and began lining all of the toys up on the couch.

Me:  Quinn, I think Daddy told you to take the soup upstairs.
Q:  Soup hot.
Me:  Well, I think you should clean it up and take it to your room.
Q:  Soup too, too hot.
Me:  Well, if the soup is too too hot to go upstairs, then its too too hot for you to put it on Mama's couch.  So, clean it up.
Q:  Soup not hot, soup warm.

And then he looks at me like I'm the idiot.


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