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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You Never Know When You're Going to Have to Bust a Move

I cleaned out the girls' dressers this weekend.  It is a terrible job.  But someone has to do it.  And somehow that someone is always me.  Although, I roped Chris into being my folding sidekick, so that was helpful.

I noticed that Casey had about 50 pairs of underwear and Chandler had, oh, um, maybe 5.  Five pairs of underwear.  That's all.

Me:  Chandler, what happened to all of your underwear?  Why does Sister have all of the underwear?
Chan:  Oh, I've pretty much stopped wearing them.

*and then my jaw hit the floor*

Me:  Why?  Why would you do that?
Chan:  Oh.  Casey told me that you dance better if you're not wearing any underwear.  So I don't wear them all the time.  Because you just never know when you're going to have to bust a move.

*Yes, folks, that's right.  You just never know when you're going to have to bust a move.*

Me:  Ok, Chan.  From now on, you have to always wear underwear.   God forbid you and daddy were in an accident on the way to school and the paramedics had to cut your pants off you for some reason and you weren't wearing underwear.  You would be completely embarrassed, wouldn't you?

*I realize if paramedics were cutting her pants off of her that we would have bigger problems than a naked hiney.  But it made a point to her.  And Chris also interjected that if she ripped her pants on the playground it would be really embarrassing if everyone saw her bare behind.*

So she promised that she would wear underwear from now on.

After Casey got out of the shower, I questioned her about the underwear situation.

Me:  Case, are you wearing underwear everyday?
Casey:  *puzzled look on her face* Yes.
Me:  Because Sister said that you told her that not wearing underwear makes you dance better.
Casey:  I told her that I don't wear underwear to dance class because I have on the tights and leotard and I dance better in them.  You told me not to wear underwear.

*Which is true, because she's at the age now where its not cute to have your underwear down around your thighs at the end of class.  And the tights are meant to be worn without underwear.*

Chandler:  Oh.  I think I might have misunderstood.

*Gee, ya think????*


Anonymous said...

that is awesome!

Miss Sarah Speaks said...

Wow! This is hysterical.

Emily said...

Oh, how I love those girls.

molly said...

She just really took that idea and ran with it. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

That is seriously too funny. Perhaps that's why I don't bust a move... it's the blasted underwear! haha.

Eliza said...

So funny. So what days did she wear underwear? Just when she was confident it wasn't a move busting type of day?

Angie said...

I know for sure she wasn't wearing them on Mondays and Fridays - they have move it Monday and Fitness Friday at school. The rest is a little sketchy to me and I really didn't want to ask too many questions. :)

Eliza said...

So I just had to come back and tell you- I read this out loud to my husband while the kids were around and the next day my 4 year old DID NOT WEAR UNDERWEAR! I guess between my laughter I forgot to explain that this was not ok, and he thought it sounded pretty great. Woops!