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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gearing Up for Spring and A Proud Mama Moment

I am gearing up for spring in the shop (in case you haven't noticed) and adding some fresh, new items full of bright, beautiful colors.  Like these...

{Bold Purple Majesty Pearl Necklace}

{Bold Aqua Pearl Necklace}

{Bold Magenta Pearl Necklace}

We went over to our dear friend Bob's house after church this afternoon and there were several occasions when I was nothing more than a proud mama.  The girls held hands with him and danced around the living room to Nat King Cole.  Quinn ran over to him repeatedly to just give him a hug and kiss - and then he would run back over to the girls to continue playing.  No one had told him to come over, or had called him over...he just felt the need to give Bob a hug and kiss.  And as we were leaving, my son called over to him, "I love-a you, Docky Ayers!"  And my heart melted.  Right there. 


Emily said...

Aww. And I'm sure Dr. Bob melted too. :)

sharonp said...

and mine too. That boy can sure melt a heart.