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Thursday, July 7, 2011

I am a glutton.

In case you couldn't have figured this one out on your own, apparently, I am a glutton.

A glutton for punishment.

We have decided that there needs to be massive amounts of training happening in our house - the dog, our bodies, how to eat nutritiously, my husband...

Just kidding.  My husband most certainly does not need to be trained.  If anything, I'm the one in the relationship that needs training.

So, we've started the training with us - what we're doing with our bodies (way to much time on the couch) and with what we're putting in our bodies (um, yeah, I'm going to put down the bag of chips).  We only have (gasp!) a few weeks left of summer and we need to start making some positive changes.

Have you heard me say this before?  Yes.  Yes, I believe you have.

I am repeating myself mainly because I wasn't really serious then.  I have made up my mind and am serious about it now though.

I informed the rest of body my yesterday when I went for my first session with the trainer.

And today, my body told me where I could go.  And what I could do when I got there.  And it wasn't a very nice thing to say.

So I took it back up to the gym for some cardio.  My heart thanked me.  My legs, um, well, not so much.  They tried to make me fall down the stairs as a thankyouverymuch on the way out of the gym.

I may have to take the elevator tomorrow, but I will be going back.

Did you hear that, body? 

I.AM.GOING.BACK.TOMORROW.  {Please?  And thank you.}


Kristen @ Hope Abound said...

Too funny! My husband and I just had the same type of conversation...his words, "We need an intervention!" :) Keep it up!

caz said...

Hahaha.. I need to tell my body the same thing! My motto has always been, if my pants still fit, then I'm ok... well.. the pants don't fit so good anymore, so.. I need to do something! Keep up the great work!!