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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Entry Way and Artwork

We used to have a vintage telephone table in our entry way - made by my stepdad's dad (and its one of my most treasured things in my house), but we moved it into the living room to use with the new furniture in there....which then left a big hole in our entry way.  It was not good.  And I've been super torn about what to fill the space with.  Its an awkward area that opens into a regular size doorway into the kitchen.  So, I shopped my house....

...and moved my antique vanity (that belonged to my step aunt, that was passed down through her family) downstairs, covered it with a vintage linen tablecloth and then moved in some things from the front room - a stack of vintage books, a vintage kodak, vintage currier and ives print, some engagement pics (taken by Frankie...of course) and some fresh flowers.  It's not perfect, but it will certainly do.  :)

Last night the kids finally got to paint on the canvases that I bought a couple of weeks ago for our upstairs hallway art.  The girls decided to paint self portraits.  Quinn decided to...errr...ummm...have a really great time.  Although, you can make out some solid Q's in his paintings.  :)

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