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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just a List.

  • I am super excited about today.  My dear friend, Jessica, is coming to spend the night with her two kids on their way from NC to FL.  SUPER EXCITED!  I haven't seen Jessica since I was 9 years old.  Seriously.  We've been in touch again for the past 7ish years, but this will be our first visit since we were kids.  She was the first friend that I made when we moved to Georgia.
  • Yesterday I took Ike to be boarded for the weekend.  The vet assured me that he would be fine and Chris keeps reminding me that either he is fine or she has given him some drugs and is fine that way. 
  • I have a list a mile long to get accomplished this week.  Things that HAVE to be done because we are heading back to work next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  No, seriously.  I have 3 days of work next week.
  • Chris is also heading back to work next week because if you haven't already heard, last week he was also offered a job - as a k-12 Gifted Specialist - (working out of Central Office) - in Clarke Co, so our summer is coming to a screeching halt.  This is what was causing the lack of sleep last week.  Its a lot to wrap our brains around...both of us having commutes, but not being able to carpool because of the different hours we work, deciding to move the girls to my new school, Q being the only one left in Jackson Co now, resigning ourselves to this being a really hard, difficult year, but that next year will be better.  Big sigh.  Changes.  Lots and lots of changes.

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