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Sunday, July 24, 2011


My brain feels like it is allllllll over the place right now.  Does that happen to you?

1.  Chris and I are both starting new jobs...tomorrow!  Feeling both excited and terrified at the same time.  Feeling a little frustrated to be attending three days of new employee orientation after already having spent a morning at a human resource meeting and a morning at a technology meeting.  We think there should be a fast track for people who have already been in education for awhile.  :)  I am starting (gasp!) year 11.  I don't know where the time goes.  Really.  I don't.  I feel like we were just getting in the groove of summer and then its over.  There are times when I really wish we worked normal, year round jobs, so that our schedule would be somewhat more consistent.  The older I get the more I feel this way.  It messes with my brain...this need for a schedule that I have.

2.  I'm having an Ike & Co Back to School Boutique Friday night and Sat morning.  So, I feel kind of all over the place trying to get ready for that.  But am REALLY excited about having a house full of wonderful ladies.  Email me if you are local and want to stop by.  :)

3.    Chris and I have been really serious about this whole changing our lifestyle bit.  I've been hesitant to blog about it because...well...I don't really know why.  But, here's the situation (my parents went away on a weeks vacation, and they left the keys to the brand new porsche, would they mind?  Ummm, well, of course not.  I'm sorry.  Every time I say, "here's the situation" I feel the need to bust out with a little DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.  Lame.  I know.  At least I didn't sing the entire song for you.  I could.  Its a secret talent of mine.  That and Ice Ice Baby, Baby Got Back and Its the End of the World.  I feel another post coming on about this. )  Whew!  Anyway, here's the situation...I am not exaggerating.  I gained 17lbs from January to June.  I went up 2 pant sizes and a bra size.  In 6 months. Some might say that I needed to gain weight, but this was the first time in my life that I have gained weight as an adult without being pregnant.  I even took a pregnancy test looking for a cause. 

In the five years that Chris and I have been married, he has gained just under 50lbs...25 of it in the past 12 months.  At the beginning of the summer when NONE of my shorts fit, we decided that perhaps we should quit the whining and do something about it.  Hence my random fits of running at the beginning of the summer.  But nothing was really sticking and we needed to do something.  Neither of us were feeling very good about ourselves or our lifestyle.  You know, the lifestyle were I have 3 helpings of country fried steak with white rice and gravy for dinner.  That lifestyle. 

So, for our anniversary we joined the gym again.  And we got trainers.  And we met with a nutritionist. 

I haven't had a diet coke in 15 days.  I am not even kidding.  I don't think I've gone this long without one since I was maybe 16 years old.  We have been using the My Plate feature on the Livestrong website.  (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you should look at it.  Super fun.)  I've been going to the gym 4 (if not 5) times a week - doing some trainer-y moves twice a week and then cardio the other times I go. 

Now don't get me wrong, I still feel ridiculous doing most of these things.  You know, especially when I realized I had started throwing punches as I was running.  Pretty ridiculous.  But I felt even more ridiculous when I could no longer fit into clothes that I bought in MARCH.  March, people.  And not last March...this March.  I felt ridiculous when it was taking me 20 minutes and trying on multiple outfits when getting dressed in the morning not because I couldn't decide on what to wear but to find something that fit to wear.  Huge difference.  I felt ridiculous when contemplating buying new work clothes (again!) and then praying that the weight gain would stop (not to worry, I had my thyroid checked...its in perfect working order), when I could spend the same (if not less) amount of money changing my lifestyle and being able to fit in my old clothes.  My "me" clothes.

My trainer?  I love her.  No really, I do.  Even though she makes me mad when she says things like, "And we're doing 2 more, cause you can."  Sometimes I really want to tell her what she can do with her two more.  It wouldn't be nice.  Chris says that you can hear the two of us laughing throughout the gym.  And so it is kinda fun to spend 30 minutes laughing while doing ridiculous things.  She is also another white girl who loves gangsta rap.  We're also planning a flash mob dance together.  Although I think that's supposed to be a secret.

And Chris and I are doing this together.  And we feel really good about it.  We also feel really good about the united front that we are presenting to the girls and the positive changes we have made for our family.

And now that that's all out in the open.  I think I'll blog a little more about it from time to time.  :)

4.  The other night we had chicken for dinner and Quinn and I were going back and forth talking about how we love the chickey, chickey, chickey and then I would bgok, bgok, bauk, bauk at him and he would do it back to me and we were all laughing and smiling and having a fabulous dinner together...until my kid said to me, "Bauk you!"  And then we stopped laughing and all just looked at each other.  And now its something that Chris and I mumble under our breath...bauk you.


sharonp said...

I'm in on the flash mob dance.

Sarah B. said...

Your trainer sounds like a lot of fun :) I'm impressed that you and your hubby are making some serious lifestyle changes - good for you!!! :)

Michele said...

Year 11--me too! It sucks that your summer is over. I told my husband that and he reminded me of the other day when I was complaining about the summer coming to an end. He said you could be like your friend in GA who is about to go back. Good luck! I'll be at a teacher workshop tomorrow so it sort of eases me back into the school year. Good for you and Chris doing the gym thing. I wish Mark and I could get motivated and make it stick. We fall off the wagon way too easily. And, gangsta rap is my genre of choice when it comes to working out. I have to keep my kids off my iPod shuffle because it's so not kid-friendly. Last thing, could you just hear Cee Lo Green singing "Bauk You"!?!

Meagan Phillips said...

That would deffinetly be something Quinn would say, as I was reading it I could imagine him saying it. But anyways, good luck to the both of you tomorrow :)