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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday, Week 16

Yep, linking up with Lindsey again!

on the left:
printed top - banana republic outlet
jeans - banana republic outlet
black roman sandals - rack room shoes

on the right:
plum shirt - gap outlet (new!)
gray shorts - loft outlet
black flip flops - gap outlet (new!) (and I love them.)

I am a big fan of earrings.  Most days I go without a necklace, but take time in matching my earrings with my outfit...even if I'm only running up to the post office or grocery store.  Both of these came from my shop!

amazonite bubble earrings...
bouquet earrings (out of this exact plum color, but plenty others to choose from)


Michele said...

I like the new Gap outlet shirt. Do you shop at the outlets in Dawsonville? We drove by them while we were in GA. I love our local outlet mall...a little too much if you ask my husband ;)

Mark Fennell said...

I'm pretty sure your camera has a self-timer on it. ;)