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Monday, July 11, 2011

What? The weekend is over? Over, you say?

I just don't really even know what happened to this weekend.

I mean, I do, its just that it went by way, way, way too fast.

Friday was our anniversary.  My mom (and stepdad) took the kids for the weekend.  But by the time we got home from driving them out to her and then driving back home we were tired.  And we live about 30 minutes away from anywhere to do anything/see anything/etc.  And we couldn't imagine another hour in the car. 

So, we laid around, reading, in our very, very quiet house.  I'm a little behind the times, but I was in the middle of The Hunger Games series.  (I am now very attached to Katniss and Peeta....I finished both book 2 and 3 this weekend.)  We decided to eat hibachi for dinner (oh how I love hibachi) and then we went to the grocery store together.

I know.  Really romantic way to spend your anniversary, right?

But, in all honesty, I can't remember when the last time was that we went to the grocery store.  People were kind of shocked to us - together...with no children.

On Saturday we went to the gym together.  I had to not look at him because otherwise I would start laughing.  So instead I looked at this other guy who, no lie, was using the pulley weight thing and hitting himself in the sides of his head with the handles.  Over and over and over.  It was pretty ridiculous.  (If you do this move, I am certainly not trying to offend you, and I think you should know that other people at the gym are laughing at you.)

Then we did more reading.  Then we ran some errands in Athens and had a slight change in plans at the last minute, so we ate dinner at the Grill.  While I am trying to eat a little better, there is just no way to turn down an order of fries and feta.  Just sayin.  Then we did a lot of downtown walking - like 6 blocks or so - in order to justify stopping at Ben & Jerry's for ice cream.

We drove out to mom's to get the kids yesterday.  Spent some time poolside with my fish for children.  Really.  All three of them are amazing in the water.  My brother, Randall, was there to toss some kids around in the pool and they were all begging for more.  I think Q thinks that Randall is the greatest person on the planet.

And then this morning no one wanted to get up.

But we had to.  Q went to school.  Chris and I had signed up to work at Our Daily Bread (the soup kitchen) in Athens.  The girls went with us and were extremely good and patient and well behaved.

I think that pretty much covers it.

Tomorrow we'll return to normal.


ps - I'm meeting with the trainer tomorrow and I have to show her my food log.  I'm a little nervous about it.  She might make me drop and do 20 for every piece of bread that I ate.  :)


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Sometimes it's the simple things in life.

molly said...

So glad that the change in plans allowed for some feta and fries at the Grill. I'm glad you two got some time to yourselves and enjoyed an evening in Athens.