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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I love Enrique. I also love fried green tomatoes.

I love Enrique with Subzero Air Conditioning.  Like, really love him.  Its ok, not only does Chris know, but Chris also loves him.  Because we came home today and our upstairs air was broken - it was 89 degrees up there.  And we called Rebecca and then her dear husband came out to our house, after making 3 other calls, at 9pm.  I love that man. 

I had a cheat day today.  Meaning, I didn't watch what I ate.  Mainly because my new boss took us out to lunch (at The Savannah Room) and there wasn't anything that I wanted to eat that was less than 2000 calories.  So, I ate what I wanted - a fried tomato BLT with vidalia onion spread on toasted sourdough bread with a side of fried green beans.  And then I had key lime pie for dessert.  There are 2 things that I am proud of in this situation...besides that I ate all the fried that I could get my hands on (I'm kind of an all the way kind of if I was gonna have a little bit of fried, I might as well have a lot)...
1.  I only ate half my sandwich and 1/4 of my green beans and then I was full (with leaving room for dessert) and I stopped.  Prior to the lifestyle change I would have noticed that I was full and then kept on eating.
2.  I still didn't order a diet coke.  This Saturday it will be three weeks since my DCD.  Diet Coke Divorce.  Instead, I've had 96oz of water today.  No joke.  I totally drink water now.  And I sweat too.  I just didn't sweat before and so actually the whole sweating thing is kind of disturbing...and gross. And I think I might be having hot flashes to go with it.  Not that you really needed to know that.

I think next week I will be back to my WIWW posts.  Its been a LONG time since I've done one.  Mainly because I haven't been dressing.  I mean, I get dressed and all (because that kind of sounded like I was naked all day.  Not the case.  Definitely not the case.), but during the end of the summer if I knew that I was going to the gym I would just put on gym clothes to wear all day and that is hardly acceptable for a WIWW post.  Just sayin.

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Emily said...

We had the same problem last week and Enrique stopped by and fixed us up for less than $50!