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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


First, let me just day that yesterday was a great day!  We had such a wonderful time with Emily, Josh and KB.  Annnnnnddddd...the food was outstanding.  And the beverages.  ;)  The kids were perfect - they all played together so well and Quinn just ran about in between the kids and adults and on his own.  A great afternoon.

And today was equally as wonderful.  We spent the afternoon with Dr. Ayers - playing skip bo, eating a fruity dessert and telling stories.  Excellent.

I also posted a couple new things in the shop today....

{aquaterra jasper necklace, peach and avocado quartz necklace}

And there there's this...

No lie, I have been dreaming about these pieces for months.  I bought these African Opals several months ago and having been saving them...looking forward to using them...planning and replanning and replanning in my head what they would be used for.  The necklace is long - almost 26 inches - and each individual bead is hand wire wrapped.  Can I just ???  But, in the end, it was well worth it.  I LOVE these pieces!

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