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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Poop Patrol

Ike continues to poop in the house.  Its his 2nd flaw.  First being that he is not a people person.  Second is that he poops in the house.  Everyday. 

We finally have him not peeing in the house, but the poop is another story.  Big sigh.

Every time Ike poops, Quinn announces it.

"Bikey pooped!  Bike poop!  In da corner dere Bike poop!  One!  Two! Three bikey poops!"

He shouts this while laying on his belly with his face approx. 3 inches from the poop.

"Dat a bad dog.  Eeeewwwww!  I not like Bikey poops."

Really?  Could've fooled me.  Because I would think, based on your reaction, that Bike poops are one of the highlights of your day.

This morning, Quinn then went on to talk about how he was going to kick us in our nose next time Bike pooped.  Um, what?????

Then, as he was getting hugs and kisses from Chan he said, "Now dat's what I'm talkin bout."


Emily said...

Well, at least Bikey's poops are helping Q with his counting! :) And as for his comment with Chan....I have no words.

caz said...

I love your stories about your kids! :)

sharonp said...

HAHAHAHAHA! that boy is a hoot! Where did he learn such phraseology because I can't imagine his father saying 'now that's what I'm talking about.'