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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

As if I needed something else...

...the girls and I were all loaded in the car this morning (at 6:30am, mind you) only to discover that my battery had died.  And for a plethora of reasons, it couldn't be jumped.  {"plethora of reasons" - that's code for I have no Earthly idea why...}

So I called my principal to let me know that I would be late and emailed a few that I thought might wonder where I was.

At 7:08am we all loaded into the van.  Me, Chris, the girls and Quinn.

We dropped Quinn off at school.  Then we dropped Chris off at the board office.  Then the girls and I drove across town to our school.

We arrived at 8:15.  We had a little over an hour of family at the butt crack of dawn this morning.

Chris told me I could either choose a radio station or the heat, but I couldn't have both.  I chose the heat.  Jerk.

And then we got to do it all again this afternoon.

But this made me feel better...

Apple pie, walnuts, caramel sauce...smothered in rum, butter and powdered sugar.  Yes, please.

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