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Monday, October 10, 2011

It was a confusing morning.

I woke the girls up at 5:55 this morning.  Casey had been up in the middle of the night and went ahead and got dressed for school and then went back to sleep.  (Not really sure why.  I try not to question things like there.  There is typically no answer.)

I then went downstairs to start the coffee.  At 6:00am there was screaming upstairs.  Like, screaming at each other type screaming, upstairs.  I moved a little slower, not really wanting to deal with whatever was going on upstairs, because really...what is there to scream about at 6:00am?  When you are 9 years old...nothing.  There is no good reason to scream at your sister at that time of day.

When I dragged myself back upstairs, Chan was waiting at the top, sobbing hysterically that she had laid out a skirt and tights for today and now they.were.gone.  And then she kept starting things with the phrase, "And it seems to me...", like, "And it seems to me that there are now only one pair of tights!"  (Which Casey had on.)  Weeping.  The child was weeping.  And stomping her feet and was generally out of control.

I followed her into their bedroom to search for the tights and skirt.  She apparently had searched by dumping out the entire contents of her dresser into a big pile in the middle of her floor.  Awesome.  She flopped on the bed, wailing, "Whhhhhhhhyyyyyyy??????  Why is this happening?  It seems to me that something (directed at Casey) has happened to my tiiiiiiiiigggghhhhhttttsssss!"  *more flopping and sobbing*

I walked into her closet *gasp, the mess* and went directly to her cubby where she lays out her clothes for each day.  Humph.  Low and behold, the tights and skirt were in TUESDAY'S box, people.  TUESDAY. 

"Um, Chan?  Your skirt and tights are Tuesday's box."

Sobbing..."This morning is just sooooooooo *hiccup* connnnnnnnnffffffusssssing."

Yes, yes indeed, it was a most confusing morning.

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