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Sunday, October 2, 2011

They really are blond.

The girls and I watched Soul Surfer together last night.  I read the book (and loved it!) years ago when it first came out and meant to take the girls to see the movie over the summer and just never got around to it.  Soooooo...we rented it off Amazon, streamed it and viola! a fun, girl, Saturday night.  (Chris and Quinn played upstairs during the movie .)

Prior to watching the movie, we prepped the girls for it...young teenage surfer girl, shark attack, loses an arm, strong faith, bravery, courageous, gets back in the water...and talked about how it had a PG rating so the shark attack scene couldn't be too, too, too terrible.

They were ready.  I was ready.  We were all ready.  When that particular scene happened, the girls hid under the blanket until things were less bloody.  All was well.

Then I realized that perhaps, all was not well when Chan said {and I am not kidding}, "Why is she trying so hard to surf right now?  Why doesn't she just wait until her arm grows back?"


{That was me hitting my head against the wall.}

Later in the movie, the shark is killed and they call the father to bring down her surf board from the attack so that they can see if the teeth match.  It does and the father leaves the scene on the brink of tears.  As he was walking away, Casey said {and I am not kidding}, "Really?  Really?  He's just gonna leave and not get her arm back???"


{That was me hitting my head against the wall...again.}

And the end of the movie, after the girls declared that it was just "-ish" Chandler said {and I am not kidding}, "I don't care how much they paid me, I would not want to be the actress in that movie, because I would NOT want to get my arm cut off for a movie."


{That was me hitting my head against the wall...yet again.}


KBBean said...

Holy crap. That's the hardest I've laughed in awhile. I read it to Brandon and we just sat on the couch and giggled. Love it!!!

Bree said...

Hahahaha oh I love it!!

Eliza said...

i love your girls.

Unknown said...

This is just the greatest thing I've read in AGES. See you guys soon!

Emily said...

I love those girls.

molly said...

I so laughed out loud on this one. Somehow they missed the whole concept of this story/movie.

Crystal Farish said...

Thanks for sharing -- those comments remind me so much of Eden.

When I was a little girl, my dad had a friend who lost his arm in a motorcycle accident. He had a false arm with a hook on the end. My little brother thought it was so cool that Chris (the friend) had a hook instead of a hand, that he created a fake one for himself. Of course my parents were just dying over that -- embarassed. The thing is -- my brother wasn't trying to be mean or insensitive, he was just trying to make sense of it all in his 8 year old head. Sounds like that was goin on at your house too. :)

Jessie said...

Haha!! that's great....

I loved that movie though. It was awesome...