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Sunday, October 23, 2011

There are times when I feel old. This was one of them.

Over the weekend, I went to the wedding shower of one of my former students.  {We can all groan together now.  Ugh.}  I taught Chris when he was in 8th grade.  He has since graduated from high school.  And college.  Is almost finished with his Master's degree and is in his first year of teaching.

Clearly I was a child prodigy and went into teaching when I was 12. 

Because I just can't believe the age of some of my former students.  They are so old.  Like, they're grown ups.  They have real jobs and are getting married and some of them *gasp* even have babies. 

I did not give them permission to grow up.

These pictures are of Em (now a Doctor...she teaches at Vanderbilt), Chris and I.  Em and I taught together for four years.  Next door to each other.  We used to dance to Vanilla Ice in the hallways and talk through a hole in the wall in between our classrooms.  This girl knows me.  It's good to have people like that.  She's popped my blisters before.  No joke.  That's friendship.  We are also *awesome* at school dances and wedding receptions together.  We know how to rock the dance floor.  We also now know that we are perfect wedding shower dates - the veil we made in one of those shower games was stunning

Chris was actually in Em's homeroom.  We had a tough competition that year to see whose homeroom would sell the, er...magazines, maybe?  I don't even remember what the competition was aside from that Chris would taunt me in the hallway, and well, I gave it right back to him and somehow the L on the forehead became our greeting to each other.  See what I mean?

{8th grade dance, high school graduation, wedding shower}

And I can't talk about former students without talking about the mothers of former students.  Oh, how I love these ladies...

{Omie, Lianne - mother of the groom, Emily, Me}

And Lianne, God bless her, told Em and I that we don't look any older than we did when we taught Chris.  And that she still thinks of us as we were ten years ago.  We wanted to take her with us everywhere.  I have felt very blessed to have taught 3 of her sons (2 of them are going into education, and possibly the third...I like to think that I may have had a little to do with that).  I've also taught 2 of Omie's children...I now consider her daughter Erin to be a friend of mine.  These women are who I strive to be as a parent...amazing, outstanding ladies that have raised wonderful children.

And I'm not really sure how it happened that I didn't take a picture of Angel (his future bride) and Chris together.  She's super cute though...take my word for it.  And sweet and makes Chris very happy, which of course, is most important. 

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Unknown said...

That is the sort of misleadingly sweet story that will woo some poor sucker into becoming a teacher. I'm perfect evidence. ;)