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Sunday, October 30, 2011

I don't even know where to begin.

Before I start this story (which I am sure will be much longer than I ever intended for it to be) let me just share with you one of the nicest things that has been done for me at my new school.  We displayed book fair posters and you get to keep the display posters.  When I took them down, I did so very carefully to keep them in good shape for the PE boys to hang in the gym at school.  When I got to work on Thursday, this was on the circ desk...

...with the nicest thank you note from the two PE coaches.  I totally felt loved.  And I am a fool for some Krispy Kremes.

Ok, back to the post...

Maybe I should begin with the conversation I had with my mother last weekend...

Me:  blah, blah, blah
Mom:  And when do I get to have the children again?  It's been like a month since we've seen them.
Me:  Um, well, you can have them next weekend if you want.
Mom:  Um, okay.  Yeah.  I think next weekend will work.  I actually have Friday off because I have a doctor's appointment in the morning.
Me:  Well, we have Friday off too for Georgia v. Florida.
Mom:  Great! Meet me for lunch on Friday and I'll take the children home with me for the weekend.

And hot diggity dog, just like that we scored a weekend off!

Of course, we already had some plans made for the weekend (me, hitting the bead show with Erin, Chris hanging out with colleagues to work on their NCTE presentation), but other than that...we were free! 

So, we met Meme for lunch at Chili's.  Chan, of course, ordered ribs.  Quinn shocked us all by ordering a corn dog and broccoli.  What an awesome kid, right? 

I love these pictures of Quinn and my mom.

Chandler was hard at work.

I made Chris take a picture of mom and I in the parking lot mainly because every time we meet, we are dressed similarly.  I think we may have the same sense of style.  Or perhaps I stole her style.  Whatever.  Whichever.  I always feel like we look alike.  That's what I am trying to say.

But all in all, this has to be my MOST FAVORITE picture from the whole day...  (drum roll please) heeeheee

After we dropped the kids off,  we shopped around the North Point area a bit.  We went into a home decorating store (I even think that may have been the name of's the place next to the Toys R Us.) and I found my happy place.  It involved these orange pieces, the vintage ad posters and the fantastic vintage typewriter print...

On the way home we had a moment where we weren't exactly sure that we knew where we were.  I didn't really mind because the road was lined with the most beautiful red trees...

...there's more (clearly) to tell of our weekend off, but if I keep going at this point, its going to become a novella and not just a longish post.  I try not to go the novella route.  Just sayin.

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827827 said...

I can't believe how big the girls are getting! And the not so little baby too. Congrats on the free time AND the Krispy Kremes.