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Monday, October 24, 2011

True Stories.

I received a text from my cousin Jimmy (a yankee) this weekend...  It went like this...
Jimmy:  What do you call that thing where all the food is dumped out on the table?
Me:  We call it awesome.
Jimmy:  What would I call it?
Me:  Low Country Boil....or food you're not gonna eat.  :)
Me:  Why?  Are you telling someone about your cracker cousin and her cracker friends and what they serve at parties?
Jimmy:  No, it was on a tv show that Julie flipped on and I said, "Oh no!  Not that hillbilly way to eat!"
Me:  My mom says you should bring Julie down and she'll cook one in your honor.
Jimmy:  That's not a way to get us to come down there.  


The girls race into the library everyday after school and Chan makes a beeline for the window at the back door to watch the other students at bus dismissal.  Today, I asked her why...

Casey:  Oh.  Its because she wants to wave good bye to Justin.
Me:  Oh?  Justin?
Casey:  *in hushed tones* It's luuuuuuvvvvvv.  *makes a heart with her index fingers and thumbs*
Me:  Chan, is this true?
Casey:  Oh, yeah, it's true alright.

**Chandler is completely beet red**


Quinn waited up for me to get home from my late night at book fair last week.  When I walked in...

Me:  Who is that sittin on the couch waiting up for me?
Q:  It's me, Mama.
Me:  Me, who?  What's your name?
Q:  It's me, Lilo Winn!

Hello, speech services!  The poor boy can't pronounce his first or middle name - Leo Quinn!


Emily said...

Chris couldn't say an 's' until something like second grade. That was when the only way you got a speech referral was if you didn't talk at all. And he was still gifted!

Michele said...

I've been up since 2:45am when my oldest puked all over me. I needed a good laugh. Thanks!