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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday Week 21

 Linking up with Lindsey for another WIWW!

yellow and gray sweater - banana republic outlet
gray tank - gap
jeans - banana republic outlet
gray bow ballet flats - sperry @ rack room shoes

I am in love with these shoes.  They are seriously my new favorites.  They actually have cushioning and AN ARCH inside....rare for ballet flats!  And I have found that I wear the gray A LOT!

It actually started to feel like fall this weekend.  Amazing.  And then it was 85 again.  BUT, while it was a little cool and breezy, Chris and I decided to take a family outing to the outlets.  Perfect weather to walk around outside!  And to buy some new boots...

purple sweater - banana republic outlet
skinny jeans - gap outlet
cords - bass outlet
black slouch boots - bass outlet
brown leather boots - bass outlet

No joke, the Bass outlet had a GREAT deal going one pair of shoes get 2 free.  Soooooo, I got two pairs of boots and Chris got a pair of work shoes.  So excited!  I hate shopping for winter.  Really.  I am always cold and so all I want is to put on a sweatshirt and my slippers (thanks, mom!).  Looking cute vs. being warm?  Um, yeah, warm is ALWAYS going to win.  And last year I desperately wanted new boots, but couldn't decide which ones to get and I am SUPER cheap.  Super.  So, before we went shopping we made a list of what everyone needed...Chris needed new work shoes, I wanted a pair of boots so we were going to shop at Rack Room...but then the deal at Bass and well, enough said.  Then I didn't have to decide between black and brown boots.  Now I just need it to get a little bit colder, because I feel kind of foolish wearing boots when it is 85 degrees outside.  Just sayin.


Michele said...

Love that yellow sweater from BR outlet! I'm so ready to wear boots, but Ihaven't yet b/c it's still so hot...I may just have to do it anyway. You look great!

Crystal Farish said...

Yellow is definitely your color. So cute on you!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

I like the yellow too! And Bass is a good quality, those boots look great and will last forever. :)

Over from WIWW!

Jaymeson said...

Hi, I just love the bass boots, I recently came across the same pair (the brown with the buckles) and my husbands dog has recently ruined them. They were practically new at a thrift store, but am in love with them and was wondering where you purchased them because I need a new pair! My email address is any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!