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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My New Favorite Thing.

A few weeks ago when the girls and I went to the cute little antique shop in Athens, I was plagued by a couple of things that I didn't buy.  You know, when you pass something up and then can't stop thinking about them?  Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.  So, Chris and I ran a few errands over the weekend and I stopped back in and HOORAY!  they were still there.

I bought a few milk glass pieces that I plan on using if I can ever work up the nerve to actually do a craft show.  Nothing too exciting there.

The exciting part?  Ohhhhhh, it is....

I spotted this, tucked away in a little booth, and went, "Huh.  That looks a whole heckuva lot like the Shedd Aquarium and the Planetarium in Chicago right on Lake Michigan."

And you have to know, I love the Chicago museums like a fat kid loves cake.  {please don't take offense, just trying to illustrate my love of the museums.}

But I didn't buy it.  And then I was plagued.  Mind you, it said nothing about Chicago on it, I just thought that was what it looked like.

And so I decided that I really did like it...even if it wasn't Chicago.  Because I really like sketches and city scenes.

So I bought it (and then did a little jig clicking my heels and everything on my way out of the store) and then looked up this James Swann fella when we got home.

Low and behold!  He is famous for his Chicago etches!  This one IS the aquarium and planetarium, done in 1952.  Mine is most certainly just a print (a smelly, yellowed print at that, which makes me love it even more), but still they seem to go for anywhere between $100 and $500.  Which makes me feel fantastic about what I paid for it...

Yep, yep.  $10.  Amen. 

{ps  - have you entered the giveaway?}