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Friday, May 28, 2010

And the Winner Is...

#10 - Katrina Southwick

Ok, so here's what I need you to do...
1. look in my etsy shop and pick out a pair of earrings
2. email me at and tell me which one you've picked along with an address to ship them to.
(Please respond by Monday, May 31. If I don't hear from you then a new winner will be chosen.)

On now for some other news...The girls did not have fevers above 102 today. I call that progress. We did not go for blood work. But then I did make another trip to the immediate care with Q this evening. We thought he may have been stung and was having an allergic reaction - puffy, swollen eye, splotching face, eye watering like I took him and apparently he just had something in it. I came to this conclusion after they "stained" his eye to see if there was a scratch on his cornea. There wasn't. And then they rinsed his eye 3 times and he was better. And I looked like a jerk as I handed over my $35 on the way out. Perhaps we're a little jumpy this week. I was told at the immediate care that our family was job security for them.

Glad to be helpful.

Now, for the rest of the weekend I will not be reporting medical conditions. I am done talking about these things. I will tell you how I feel about GLEE though.

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